Why Your Landscape Photos Are No Good (and What to Do About It)

One solution to this issue is to use leading lines as a means of directing the viewer to a specific area of the photo.

In this example, the pathway leads us directly to the sunset, which helps define it as the focal point of the image.

What’s more, the pathway acts as a means of restricting our view a little bit – rather than the scene seeming so wide and featureless, our eyes immediately have a place to go and the image makes more visual sense.

Something as simple as adding leading lines can make all the difference in the world when trying to establish a feature in your image as the focal point of the shot.

Landscape Photography Mistake #2: Lack of Depth

mam tor at sunrise in the english peak district picture id642591084 image

Another mistake that landscape photographers often commit is not having enough depth in their photos.

By that, I’m not talking about depth of field, rather, I’m talking about incorporating elements into the foreground that provide some clues as to the dimensionality of the scene in the shot.

This is difficult, given that a photograph is a two-dimensional representation of a three-dimensional space.

However, there’s an easy trick to add depth to your landscape images…

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