Why Your Landscape Photos Are No Good (and What to Do About It)

While some people believe that landscape photography is easy, good landscape photography is anything but.

It’s much more than getting out of the car, pointing your camera at something pretty, and pressing the shutter button.

In fact, there’s a million different ways that a landscape photo can go wrong.

If you find that your images are boring, uninspiring, or just otherwise not all that impressive, you might be making one of these crucial landscape photography mistakes.

Landscape Photography Mistake #1: No Focal Point

big sur coastline panorama at sunset california usa picture id917302792 image

One of the most common mistakes people make when taking a photo of a landscape is not having a strong focal point to grab the viewer’s attention.

This usually happens because in real life, the scene is so striking as a whole that we assume the scene will be equally as striking in an image. That’s not always the case.

The image above, for example, has many great qualities about it. I would even say that it’s a good photo. It would be better with a strong focal point, though.

mountain landscape ponta delgada island azores picture id944812540 image

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