Instagram has a prediction to share with you: 2018 travel trends on Instagram will be an amalgamation of millennial explorers, eco-tourism and city holiday goers demanding an escape from the daily hustle and bustle. Budgets are tighter, but there more options are out there. Think about using Airbnb and Uber to cut a nice chunk off your accommodation and transportation expenses.

Where is everybody going?

Travel Trends - Where is everybody goingProbably somewhere they can experience something totally new. Travel trends on Instagram are predicting out-of-country holidays are being taken increasingly in order to experience something more experiential and epicurean. Thanks to loads of travel-review websites – cross-country trips now include stops at the country’s culinary highlights. Yes, this includes gastronomy tours and wine-tasting. How about sipping that flavorful bourbon where it was first conceived in Europe? Or streetfood from Thailand, in Thailand? Or delicious ramen varieties in the snow-draped Hokkaido?

Of course, none of this means that beachgoers won’t enjoy their yearly dose of sea and sun. But you could up your game a notch; head to Australia’s finest remote beaches and experience a thrilling diving adventure, or go whale watching!

If you’re looking for opinions about travel trends on Instagram, millennials have something to say. This demography, ranging from 18-to-35-year-olds, are the ones pining for new cultural experiences from the world’s top destinations. While you will still see them flocking over to lavish museums in the Netherlands, or nostalgic parks in Italy, the attention is now on the nostalgic pop culture.

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