Top Best 7 Classic American Cars

American classic cars are a huge part of history as well as popular collectors items for car lovers. Each model and make has their own story and their own unique features that makes them collectible and desired by many. Here are seven of the best and most popular classic American cars, with a description of each.

1953 Chevy Corvette

Debuting in 1953 as the first American two-seater sports car, the Corvette is known to have been one of the ultimate American sports cars. Only producing 300 handmade products in 1953, this model is very rare. Since these cars were hand-built and the technique changed throughout production, each 1953 Corvette was made slightly differently. All 1953 models were equipped with both heaters and AM radios and there are over two hundred of these models that still exist today.

1958 Chevrolet Corvette

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