Top Best 10: America’s Coolest Classic Cars

Go to any classic car show in American and be prepared to see some pretty amazing vehicles.

It’s always tricky writing an article that attempts to rank which classic car is better than other and it undoubtedly stirs some discussion and debate. With that good-spirited debate in mind, here is our top 10 list of America’s coolest collectible cars.

(All cars listed are from the 1960s)

Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray

When this classic Corvette rolls down the street — or on the auction block — heads are constantly turning. While there are various renditions of Chevy’s Corvette Sting Ray, each version is considered a top-tier collectible car. They all have a few things in common: Tapered rear deck, smooth curves and an independent rear suspension. Oh, and they’re absolutely stunning.

1967 Chevy Corvette Sting Ray - Cool Old Cars From America!

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