Top 10 weird spa treatments

From a retreat sleeping under the stars in the Sinai desert, to a snake massage in Israel or a chocolate facial at Hershey’s, we’ve rounded up the world’s weirdest spa treatmentsSnake massage, Israel

Snake massage, Israel

Looking for a romantic Valentine’s surprise for your partner? Book a last-minute flight to Israel and head to Talmei Elazar, for a massage at Ada Barak’s Carnivorous Plant Farm and Spa. As your loved one lies down and prepares for a blissful pampering session, an armful of wriggling snakes will be dropped on to their naked body. They’re soothing! Honest …
• Around £44, +972 4 637 3473

Cryotherapy, Finland

The usual spa experience involves heating and cooling the body, then repeating until suitably invigorated. Now you can take the cooling element to the next level with cryotherapy, which involves sitting in an icebox. Haikko spa in Porvoo, Finland, boasts a super-cold chamber (-110C) – just don’t spend more than a few minutes in there, or you’ll risk hypothermia and death.
• Doubles in the spa’s hotel from £99, cold room around £25 for up to three minutes,

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