Top 10 Places for Landscape Photography in Singapore

Lorong Halus Bridge

Calm and surreal, this is the perfect spot to photograph the blue hour in Singapore. The bridge connects Lorong Halus Wetlands to Punggol Promenade Riverside Park. Together with the trail of lights through its iconic architecture, it casts a beautiful reflection in the waters below. If you love to photograph sunsets, planning is key as the light conditions change rapidly and the colours disappear before you realise it.

Merlion Park

It’s the home of Singapore’s national icon, the Merlion, with a beautiful view of the Marina Bay. This tourist hotspot might be crowded in the afternoon so be sure to reach early to catch the amazing sunrise.
A little trick to have fewer people in your photograph, provided that the scene is dark enough, would be to photograph with a slow shutter. That also helps smoothen the surface of the water, making for an interesting photograph.

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