Top 10 Places for Landscape Photography in Singapore

Marina Bay Sands

Photo opportunities are abundant near the Marina Bay Sands (MBS) — from the interior architecture of The Shoppes of Marina Bay Sands to the view of the towering offices across the bay — which makes it such an ideal location for your next photo outing.
A little tip! If it gets too hot in the afternoon, head indoors and photograph in the comfort of air-conditioning. It’s also with the afternoon sun that the indoor scene comes to life.

Changi Beach

Over the years, new resorts have sprung up in the area but nothing has taken away the calm atmosphere that Changi Beach has to offer. A slow stroll via the jetty in the late afternoon will get you to the beach rather quickly, in time to photograph the sunset.
Here you’ll also meet enthusiastic anglers who are sure to keep you company while you wait for the best light for your photographs.

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