Top 10 Places for Landscape Photography in Singapore

Having a hard time deciding on your next photography escapade? You don’t have to go far to capture beautiful landscape photos. There are plenty of places in Singapore that would enable you to practise your landscape photography skills. In fact, some of these places don’t even look like you’re in Singapore! Here are 10 recommended locations for you to add to your portfolio as a landscape photographer in Singapore.

Mount Emily Park

Tucked just on the outskirts of town, Mount Emily Park is a lush oasis of large, old trees and gently rolling slopes that can make for very interesting compositions. Landscape photographers will find this spot intriguing, as set against all the greenery is the faint outline of our cityscape. Sunrises and sunsets are beautiful here too, particularly when the light filters through patches of dense foliage.

Central Business District

Having your camera with you at all times means you’re less likely to miss a good photo opportunity. If you’re working in the Central Business District, be sure to get your cameras out during your mealtimes.
The towering offices often make for interesting compositions at different times of the day, even in the mid-day afternoon sun, which photographers often shy from. But get it right and it’s quite an interesting perspective. Tip: Use a wide angle lens to make the buildings you’re capturing appear even taller. Remember to place your subject in the centre of the frame to avoid distortion.

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