Late night infomercials try to convince us that there are miracle cures and magic polymers that can fix any paint scratch or keep our engines purring like new. The truth is that all the quick-fix gimmicks and specially formulated car care products in the world won’t be the reason your classic car or truck continues to run well and look great. It is regularly scheduled, proper care and maintenance that older, high six-figure mileage vehicles require.

The secret to keeping your classic running and looking great is as simple as following a regularly scheduled maintenance routine and using the manufacturer’s recommended motor oil and fluids. This in conjunction with replacing parts that become compromised from wear and tear, like spark plugs and engine belts, is what will make a real difference.

  • Pump the brakes. Regularly test your brakes to make sure everything feels right and isn’t making any strange sounds. Bled your brake system at least once per year. It is cheap to replace while calipers, hoses and sensors are not. It is also a good idea to keep a close eye on your brake pads to ensure they are not unevenly wearing down your rotors. Pads are another relatively inexpensive item to replace.
  • Repack your wheel bearings. You should regularly inspect, clean and repack your wheel bearings with the recommended grease. This might not be the quickest job in the world, but it is cheap to do. You will save yourself tons of money on pricey repairs down the road. It doesn’t need to be done monthly, but you should certainly do it at your regularly scheduled major service intervals.
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