One of the world’s most thriving travel hubs, the Land of Liberty, and one of the biggest countries in the world is a melting pot of an array of tourist activities. From sweeping mountains to towering skyscrapers, from sprawling terrains to sandy beaches, from staggering metropolises to small towns – the US has it all. In this article, we show you ten great US travel destinations.

For dozens of years, people of all ages, ethnicities, and nationalities have flocked to the country to experience its layers of multi-cultural diversity, its democracy and its promise for a better life, thus creating a country that boasts priceless vacation memories and post-card worthy moments.

Whether you want to laze by its tropical coastlines, walk between the palm trees of California, reminisce over your childhood in Disney World, get enamored by the bright lights and skyscrapers of New York, gamble your heart in Las Vegas or enjoy the natural wonders of Alaska and Yellowstone, the US travel destinations will cater to your needs. From the laid-back vibe of San Francisco to the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, no matter the type of traveler you are, you will find a city that will make its way into your heart.

The US is too diverse, too huge, too varied to tell you this is the right place to go – we could bring up an argument for each city and convince you right away that this is the city of your dreams, this is the coolest one, since all 50 states offer everything your heart can desire.

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