One of life’s great rites of passage is visiting Europe, a continent that attracts millions of tourists yearly, one with incredible cultural heritage and an endless array of things to do. With over three thousand years of culture, the continent has been high on the bucket-list of every dreamy-eyed traveler, promising one of the most memorable experiences a person can have in their lives, and making sure your trip there is a unforgettable one. So where start an article about the Top 10 Travel Destinations in Europe?

From the romantic streets of Paris, to the gritty alleys of Berlin, from the siestas and fiestas of Barcelona to the quirkiness of Amsterdam, Europe has got an appeal that transcends all boundaries. Not one city is similar to the other, and you can get an array of temperate climates, a variety of landscapes, and a blend of completely contrasting cultures – all that blended with an ease of crossing borders and hopping from one city to another; an advantage only unique to Europe.

One remarkable experience after another, there’s so much to see in Europe it would be practically impossible to pin down exactly where to go. This haven for travelers has experienced the most important historical events – from the Industrial revolution, the Renaissance, the thriving of the Roman and Greek empires, and much much more, making it an attractions galore that celebrates all things art, culture and history. With that being said, some destinations in Europe are timeless, constantly topping every traveler’s list year after year, and never disappointing! Here are the top 10 unmissable destinations in Europe.


How we all dream of la vie parisienne in the City of Light, an enthralling place with a sense of grandeur looming over its every alley and neighborhood, an enchantingly romantic city that could well be the most beautiful in the world; it’s practically impossible not to fall in love with Paris.

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