Top 10 Best Luxury Watches for Men Reviewed – Classical Dress Watch Focus

The old saying “you are what you wear” is still true, particularly if you hang out with power players or are trying to impress ladies who appreciate style.

It is not just shoes which make the man, it’s also his watch. Here are the top 10 luxury watches for men in Nov. 2018 worth checking out if you want to make a real statement.  This top 10 list is focused primarily on classical dress watches.

Top 10 Luxury Watch List – Classical Dress Watch Focus

Needless to say, creating a top 10 list is a subjective process and opinions will differ. However, the review team believes all of these luxury men’s watches are exceptional from a functional and material perspective, while also looking impressive – sometimes, even artistic. You will notice a distinct Swiss influence in the list.

Once you have main your choice it would be worthwhile to read the Groom+Style’s article on how to service, maintain and care for your luxury mechanical watch.

TAG Heuer Men’s Kirium F1

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