These 7 Awesome Plant Stores Will Help Up Your Interior Design Game

You simply cannot put together a charming, artistic, unique, well-appointed, personality-filled, [other “awesome” adjective here] home these days without some living, breathing, growing accouterments. Plants. Potted plants, big or small, pokey or lush, should not be the finishing touch on a dope domicile—they should be a fully integrated aspect of your home design. Think about the very cool homes you’ve been to in the last year. Chances are they’ve all included some kind of towering cactus, or creeping ivy—or both—in the living room. Extra points for plants in the kitchen, triple points for plants in the bathroom, quadruple for plants in every room. We have a green thumb in our midst: Followers of GQ Style’s very own Noah Johnson’s Instagram story know that between the skateboarding and neighborhood cat vids, there’s often a sneak peak of his personal apartment garden, thriving away.

Sure, you can get your pothos at Home Depot, your jade plant at Whole Foods. But don’t: treat your plants like you treat your clothes. Get them at small, independent plant stores that specialize in keeping green things alive, and charge you a little extra for the extra good stuff. Below, we found the seven best plant stores around the world. Whether you’re a recovering black thumb, or you were a gardener in a past life, these stores will keep your house, apartment, or office looking so good and green, your neighbors will be green with envy (sorry).

Cactus Mart

49889 Twentynine Palms Highway

Morongo Valley, CA 92256

Cactus Mart near Palm Springs, California is owned by Nicole Holland who only stocks plants that could be found in the local climes. That means (as the name of the store flatly suggests) a lot of cacti (and pots to hold them, and awesome merch tees).

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