The Travel Photographer’s Packing Checklist

There is an increasing move towards mirrorless cameras though, and their lighter weight is certainly appealing for a travel photographer.

ExpertPhotography recommends: Sony a5100

Camera Lens

In the interest of keeping weight down, stick with one or two lenses at most. A good setup here will be a good quality wide angle lens, and then a super zoom to cover your focal lengths such as an 18-300mm lens.

A lot of photographers will bring one more lens. This will add weight though, so we’ll discuss that in additional equipment.

ExpertPhotography recommends: Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-300mm
Wide angle photo of a beautiful coastal landscape with a paraglider - travel photography checklist


Is the tripod an essential piece of photography equipment for travel photography? It is if you want to get good quality photos that compare well with your peers. The ability to make long exposures, and to potentially bracket your images, is also vital.

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