The Travel Photographer’s Packing Checklist

Making a travel photography checklist is not easy. You need your camera (or cameras), lenses, a tripod, memory cards, filters, and so on. And you also need to pack clothes and personal belongings.

But you can’t bring the kitchen sink either, so what do you bring, and what do you leave behind?

In this article you’ll discover in detail the items you should take with and the ones you should leave behind. We’ll also tell you why this is.

Photo of a rainbow over a beautiful coastal landscape - travel photography checklist

Camera Equipment for a Travel Photographer

Let’s start with the most important item on the list! Just as you’ll prioritise getting the photo over your meal time, so too you’ll want to prioritize camera equipment over everything else! Right?

So what must be in your bag, and are there extras that would be great to have?

Essential Photography Equipment

Camera Body

Whichever camera body you have, you’ll want to bring this with you! What brand of camera is not something this article looks to delve into, they all have their merits.

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