The Top Best Electric Bikes For Commuting

Next time you’re sitting in traffic, standing up on a jam-packed train, or puffing your way up a steep hill on a bike, ask yourself if there’s a better way to commute to work. The answer is yes. The answer is an electric bike.

Requiring just a little effort on your own part to keep the wheels spinning, e-bikes are the perfect moderate exercise for a commute because you can ride without breaking a sweat. They’re also generally faster and more comfortable than taking public transport to work and, in the long run, they’re cheaper too.

But e-bikes are not just for commuting. Mountain bikers in particular will enjoy the electric assistance when climbing hills. Below you’ll find our top picks for riding to work, hitting the trails and even touring. For more info on what to look for in an e-bike, try our expert buyer’s guide.

Carrera Crossfuse

A mammoth range of 80-130km and a less than mammoth price make the Carrera Crossfuse a very attractive commuter option, especially as those with a 5km-10km commute will get through the working week on one charge. The Crossfuse has a torque sensor so the motor delivers assistance in a very smooth manner, without the jolting starts that can be an annoyance on e-bikes. There are no integrated lights and the Crossfuse is no lightweight at 24kg, but if offers the range and ride typical of a £2,000+ e-bike for just £1,600.

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