Street photography has a certain indefinable charm to it — which is probably why so many people try and take up the art. There’s nothing like preserving a moment of life on the streets (which is where we spend most of our time) in a frame. There’s also a lot of stigma that surrounds it: Mainly due to reasons of etiquette (What if people don’t like me? Won’t it be weird walking around the street with a camera?).

In this short guide, we walk you through a few simple tips that you can keep in mind when you intend to go photographing street life.

Don’t be afraid, be polite

Don't be afraid to take photos, but also be mindful of others' privacyDon’t be afraid to take photos, but also be mindful of others’ privacy

As a street photographer, you’ll obviously intend to capture a lot of human subjects. But the fear or rejection or disapproval will almost always stand in the way unless you make it clear to the subject about what it is you’re doing. If you’re taking a portrait, let them in on it. If they refuse, simply move on. This is one of the most important things you must remember. Whoever you might want to photograph might not be willing to be photographed, everyone has a right to their privacy.

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