The best travel tripods in 2018: 8 fantastic stable mates

If you’re serious about photography and want to take great photos while you’re on the road, you’ll need the best travel tripod you can afford.

We’ve walked through the best tripods elsewhere on the site – but if you’re heading on holiday, or going to be moving around a lot, you’ll need a support that’s designed for the job.

Of course, travel tripods have a tough job. They need to be small enough to pack and light enough to tote around all day – but rigid enough to capture shots of a lifetime, shake-free. To shrink the stowage size, the best travel tripods feature legs that swing upwards, so that the feet encompass the head, slashing about 20cm off the carrying length. Some are only about the size of a drinks bottle when folded down, and all of the tripods in this guide eight less than 2kg, complete with a ball head.

Despite their downsized designs, however, most current travel tripods are able to reach respectable maximum operating heights of more than 1.5m, and have hefty load capacities of between 4kg and 15kg. This makes them ideal for anything from a lightweight compact camera to a full-blown DSLR with an attached telephoto lens. A couple of the tripods here even feature a pivoting centre column, more usually reserved for full-sized tripods.

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