The 10 Best Places in Southeast Asia for Solo Travelers

Solo traveling can seem daunting for first time or even experienced solo travelers. There’s always the question, will I meet people?

Luckily solo traveling in Southeast Asia in general is usually easy. It’s a great place to get started on the solo travel journey due to the cheapness of traveling there, the ease with which one can get around, and the friendly locals and fellow solo travelers.

All that said, some places are more ideal than others. After spending a cumulative 3 years now traveling in the region, I’ve done a fair amount of recon and base my recommendations on the ease of meeting others, the wealth of activities, and the feeling of safety and comfort. With those factors in mind, these are the most friendly places in Southeast Asia for solo travelers:

Kuta Lombok, Indonesia

Best Places in Southeast Asia for Solo Travelers

Kuta Lombok is nothing like its loud, seedy neighbor, Kuta, Bali. This laid back surfer town is super chill, and it’s the perfect jumping off point for some incredible beaches. Though still pretty quiet and laid back compared to Bali, which I find hectic, Kuta is the most popular hangout on Lombok which makes it great for solo travelers.

Meet people by taking a surf class, head to Mana Yoga for a yoga class, join a waterfall tour, or just hang out in one of the many cafes.

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