Simple, Yet Impactful Landscape Photography Tips

If you’re new to neutral density filters, check out the video above by Josh Katz for a thorough explanation.

Quick Tip: If you want to shoot long exposures, you’ll need a solid tripod to stabilize your camera. Even if you have the steady hands of a surgeon, you still won’t be able to hold the camera still enough for a long exposure.

Don’t Just Shoot Wide-Angle

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If you look at any collection of landscape photos, the vast majority of them will have been shot with a wide-angle lens (i.e., less than 24mm).

Though wide-angle lenses have plenty to offer landscape photographers, they aren’t the only option.

In fact, you can take some pretty epic photos with a longer lens, like a 50mm or 85mm prime, a 24-70mm zoom lens, or even a 300mm telephoto lens.

The advantage of using a longer focal length lens is that as the focal length increases, the larger that distant objects appear in the shot.

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