Simple, Yet Impactful Landscape Photography Tips

The great thing about landscape photography is that it’s incredibly accessible – anyone with a camera has the opportunity to take photos of sunsets, mountains, beaches, lakes, and so forth.

Of course, taking photos of landscapes and taking good photos of landscapes are two different things…

To maximize your efforts, you need to rely on tried-and-true landscape photography tips.

Introduce Motion

sol duc falls picture id962037446 image

One of my favorite ways to create a landscape image with tons of impact is to slow the shutter down to blur motion of things like clouds or water.

Doing so makes the image instantly more dynamic, particularly if you concentrate on composing the shot such that there are static elements that contrast with the movement you’ve created.

And while long exposure photography might seem hard to pull off, it’s actually a simple matter of adjusting the shutter speed to get the desired effect.

Of course, shooting long exposures at dusk and at night are a little more straightforward because the dim lighting means that you can slow the shutter without necessarily having to use a neutral density filter.

But if you want to shoot long exposure landscapes during the daytime, a neutral density filter is a must, otherwise you’ll end up with photos that are vastly overexposed.

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