Landscape Photography: Shooting Caves

A fascinating underground world awaits when you delve into cave photography. However, there is no shortcut; complete darkness, insects and the damp rocks are just some elements you’ll encounter. Still undaunted? Learn more here.

Cave photography, as the name suggests, involves exploring dark, dirty and damp caverns to shoot images. We suggest thinking of it as a blank canvas on which you can paint with light. While we don’t deny it can be frustrating, the rewards are worth the effort.

Essential equipment

One of the first things you can expect with cave photography is the absence of light. This means you have to think creatively as pop-up flashes are out of the picture simply because all they do is blast shadows and wash out the depth.

For better manual control, use an external flash so you can manage the aperture, hence achieving proper exposure and depth of field. Tip: Move your flash away from camera to create more shadows and reduce fogginess as the reflections from the water drops will not be in line with the camera.

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