If you’re one of the lucky ones who has a natural eye for amazing photos, then it won’t take you long to pick up the skills you need.

Once you have some good material under your belt and a decent portfolio put together, you can begin reaching out to all kinds of places like restaurants, accommodations, leisure organizations, media outlets, and more to assist them with their marketing content. Or, you can take pictures as you go and sell them to relevant, interested organizations.

Another route you can take with this tactic is leveraging social media. If you’re brand new to photography, this one might take a while to build up a decent following. Once you get past a certain number, businesses will offer to pay you to post pictures of their products or services to your profile. This is what’s known as influencer marketing and is a fantastic way to to make money. Here are some Instagram lifestyle influencers doing it right.

The bottom line is people love beautiful pictures. If you can reach a respectable level of professionalism, photography is one of the best ways to travel and earn money.


The beauty of blogging is you can do it from just about anywhere with an internet connection. If you love to write, you can combine this with your love of travel and start your own platform that talks about things like travel tips, recommendations, guides, ect.

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