Guide to Shooting Street Photography

Photographing a city’s streets is a surefire way to capture its heart and soul. But creating stunning images that evoke the sense of a particular city takes a bit of practice.

Yanan Sui does just that with her photographs of New York, Boston, and beyond, so I reached out for some of her tips and tricks for street photography. Here’s what I learned:


For those wondering how to start photographing the streets in their city, Yanan has this piece of advice: start with the tourist spots. These locations are popular for a reason, so play around with composition until you get the hang of it. Yanan points to Acorn Street in Beacon Hill as a great example because it provides the perfect composition. And, as they say, practice makes perfect.

“People only see my final product on Instagram,” Yanan says. “They don’t see the other 300 or so photos I took before I got that one shot I liked.”

Yanan stresses being patient with yourself and your subjects, and to not be afraid to go back to the same spot on multiple occasions until you get the shot you’re hoping for.

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