Essential Travel Photography Accessories: The Travel Photographer’s Kit

The Filter

Another must have travel photography accessory is the filter. This takes up little space and weight in your bag, yet will enhance your work a lot. There are many types of filters you could use, the following are just the essential filters that a travel photographer should have.

  • Circular polarising filter – Any landscape photographer should have this filter. It can be used to enhance colours, make clouds more dramatic, and add or remove reflection from a scene.
  • Neutral density filter – Those wishing to try their hand at daytime long exposure should have an ND filter such as the ND1000 or big stopper in their bag. Packing this filter does of course mean you will need a tripod to benefit from having it.
  • Graduated neutral density filter – These are used for balancing the exposure of the sky and the foreground within your photo. Even if you choose to bracket your photo they are good to have. These will make post processing that much easier when the photo is already mostly good for exposure level.
  • UV filter – Often sold as a way of cutting down on haze within your photo, it can also act as a way to protect your lens from the elements. In the rough and tumble of travel photography this is a useful filter to have permanently on your lens, in the absence of other filters.
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