Essential Travel Photography Accessories: The Travel Photographer’s Kit

The Tripod

This should be in every photographer’s setup. It will primarily be used for landscape photography, though it can double as a light stand if needed! One of the defining photos for every travel photographer is the big booming landscape. Not bringing a tripod means you’re not even in the game.

It’s essential for techniques like digital blending, and of course for any kind of night time long exposure. A really big heavy tripod then? That’s not really compatible with travel photography, so what are the options?

  • A lightweight tripod – Well not too light, or your camera won’t stay steady! A decent quality aluminum tripod with a hook on the central pole so you can add weight is ideal. On a windy day hook your camera bag to it to stabilise the tripod.
  • A gorilla pod – Small, compact, and versatile. This is the bridge between a tripod and a bracket, and if you don’t want a bulky tripod this may work. The downside is that heavier cameras and lenses might not stay completely still, a big problem for long exposure.
  • A bracket – A much smaller and lighter way of keeping your camera steady is to use a bracket. Using one of these will ensure your camera remains steady, and is unlikely to be affected by strong winds. The downside is you’ll need to find somewhere to attach it to, easier in the city than the wilderness. On the other hand some places will not allow tripods to be used, but you might just get away with a bracket.
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