Essential Travel Photography Accessories: The Travel Photographer’s Kit

One of the most frequent questions on travel photography is what to pack. What equipment will you need to get the best possible travel photos, without needing an ox to carry all your gear? In this article you’ll learn the photography accessories needed for this most fascinating of photography genres.

A travel photographer needs to be a versatile beast. Absorbing the culture of a new place means putting together a sequence of photos. These can range from landscape to detail, from people to food photography. Packing smartly is key, and that’s what our article is for.

Camera Equipment

The camera equipment you take is a personal choice, and will be defined by the type of photographer you are. There will always be debate over how many, and which lenses to bring. Not to mention, do you make space to fit a drone? If you do that means removing one lens from your bag.

  • The camera body – You’ll need your main camera body, and if you’re working on assignment bringing a backup body is a sensible idea. An additional camera such as a go-pro, that’s not so heavy and bulky, is also smart.
  • Camera lens – Keep this number to two, possibly three lens. This should be a wide angle lens, a telephoto lens, and possibly a 50mm lens for street and portrait work. The choice of wide angle and telephoto will be dependent on camera brand, though basically you want to cover your focal lengths.
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