Collective Perspectives: The Habits Of Highly-Effective Street Photographers

There’s an authenticity and relatable quality about street photography regardless of where in the world the images may be set. Instead of directing models or timing a mountaintop sunset, street photographers freeze moments in the daily lives of strangers. Paola Franqui (@monaris_) and Steven Irby (@stevesweatpants) were two of the ten members of Sony’s Alpha Imaging Collective that traveled last month to Spain for a week of street photography in the Andalusia region.

Paola Franqui describes the art of street photography as one of documentation and preserving unique, organic moments. “Street photography is all about observing and capturing moments as they unfold. There will always be new opportunities and experiences. Moments captured will never happen the same way or look the same way again. ”

Steven Irby pointed out that street photography means engaging with people who are living their daily lives and so even something as basic as common courtesy and a sense of decency are key to signaling respect and sensing when it is and is not appropriate to photograph people. “I think the biggest thing when it comes to street photography, especially when dealing with people, is about having a level of social etiquette. There are going to be times where you have to be aware and consider if it’s an awkward moment to put a camera in front of someone’s face. You have to be prepared for that reaction. Sometimes it could be a little bit negative or sometimes it could be positive, but whatever that reaction is you have to respect that person’s position because we are at their mercy. So in the same sense, I like to become super personable with people and try to make them feel comfortable before even taking the photo. “

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