The best ski resorts for beginners can also be great mountains for experts, but what sets them apart is wide swaths of easily-accessible mellow terrain. Some ski resorts’ geographies simply set up better for first timers and families with skiers whose abilities range up and down the scale, from beginners and intermediates all the way up to expert.

The best ski resorts for beginners in Colorado, for instance, aren’t Vail and Telluride, which rank very highly overall, but places with larger reservoirs of green terrain—such as Beaver Creek and Copper Mountain.

In tandem with having large amounts of easier terrain, the ski resorts that are best for beginners also have ski schools that cater to people who are newer to skiing and that have a stellar reputation that’s been built from years of superior service.

Our team has skied every major mountain in North America. We’ve dragged our families with us in many cases, some members of which are beginners themselves. So we have a keen eye for what makes a mountain hospitable to beginners. With all of those factors in mind, we’ve sifted the better beginner ski resorts and compiled list of the ten best.

Beaver Creek

What makes Beaver Creek unique as a beginner’s mountain is that it possesses a large amount green terrain near the top of the mountain. Beginners and intermediates are often used to being trapped near the bottom of the ski hill, while the experts and advanced skiers get to head farther up the mountain to test their mettle. This is decidedly not the case at Beaver Creek, where a high plateau offers gradual slopes and copious amounts of beginner terrain toward the top of the mountain. It’s a great spot for kids, who can dart in and out of the woods, which boasts little hideouts and adventure sites. It’s also a great spot for adults who are getting their ski legs, as the upper slopes offer great views and a true feeling of being in an alpine Colorado setting.

Beaver Creek has large quantities of great, easy-going terrain toward the top of the mountain, which is unique.

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