Best Mirrorless Camera for Travel Photography

Travel photographers are always trying to minimise their gear. Large format cameras made way to medium format, and they in turn made way to the 35mm for its ease of use and compact size.

Today we are searching for the best mirrorless camera for travel that money can buy. We will look at three different models, to fit all budgets.

Mirrorless cameras are the latest development in digital photography. DSLRs work by using a mirror to switch between viewing a scene and photographing it. The mirror flips up and lets the light hit the digital sensor.

With the mirrorless systems, the mirror is gone. This has several advantages over DSLR cameras.

Firstly, the cameras can be smaller and lighter since the large mirror is removed. Secondly, the cameras are quieter due to the lack of the mirror flick up sound. This is great for candid shots, allowing you to photograph subjects faster.

And they have all the other familiar functions, such as shooting in RAW, and being able to change lenses.

Photo of a person riding a bike through the streets taken from a low angle - best mirrorless camera for street photography.

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