Best Bag for Travel Photography

  • Backpack – These have more interior space for cameras and lenses, which makes them the best travel camera bags for DSLRs. Often has a laptop compartment. If designed properly, backpacks are more adept at distributing weight in a comfortable manner. Access is an issue though as you usually have to take off the backpack to get to your gear.
  • Roller Bag – Similar capacity to a standard backpack but meant to be rolled on the ground. These types of bags are obviously not meant for rugged, landscape photography but they work well with urban projects.
  • Backpack Insert – A large accessory that is meant to fit into another larger bag or backpack. Many photographers prefer these because other travel backpacks are more comfortable, with more features.

Photo from behind a photographer on a hill looking out over the trees of a forest

Tenba BYOB 10 Camera Insert

There are going to be times where you already have a travel camera bag, specific to your needs. You may not want to carry another bag with you, but instead, incorporate your camera into it. Enter the Tenba BYOB.

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