Best Bag for Travel Photography

Now that you have your travel camera, you need the perfect solution for storage and protection. Your journey will denote what your travel camera bag will need. It will depend on where you are going, for how long and how much photography you will be doing.

If you have a small, minimal amount of camera gear, a Pelican case is a little too big and cumbersome for your needs. If you are travelling away for a huge photographic project, a small sling just won’t cut it.

You may find that you may need a few bags to fulfil all your needs.

  • Shoulder Bag – A smaller bag with a short strap. This bag goes over one shoulder and falls about to your rib cage. Shoulder bags are light and usually easy to access, although limited in space.
  • Messenger Bag – Similar to a shoulder bag but slightly larger with a longer strap. It usually falls to your hip and can be strung across your body/over both shoulders.
  • Holster Bag – A bag that is meant to be attached to other items, like a backpack or belt.  These are smaller than shoulder bags and hold just one camera with a lens at a time.
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