Amazing Landscape photography and drones, my experience

Ever since I was little I have been fascinated with planes, flight and especially aerial photography. So when the first satellite photos where available in Google earth it sparked my interest. This was further fueled when I took a hot air balloon ride some years ago. Together with my camera I had a real change of doing my own aerial photography. This for me was a completely different approach to landscape photography that I had ever done before. However this type of photography I could not combine with my love of hiking through nature as you obviously needed a hot air balloon in your backpack. Which is, well, quite impossible.


With technology progressing I kept a keep eye on drones and their capabilities the last few years. As they became more powerful, smaller and more important cheaper this seemed to become an option. Still I won’t give up my landscape photography, so a drone needs to be small and portable enough to fit together with my photography gear in my backpack.


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