7 Reasons Why You Should Art Direct Your Travel Photography

Purists will say that it’s cheating. While the ideal scenario is always for everything in your composition to be natural, sometimes it just doesn’t happen. It may be that you are in a far off place that not many people will visit, or it could be that you require a very specific type of photo to illustrate a story. Whatever the reason, sometimes it pays to think about what you are trying to communicate and then set the scene up to bring your vision to life. Here are seven reasons why you should art direct your travel photography.

Add a narrative to a scene

One of the main benefits of photography is that you can illustrate an entire story in just a few photos. That is why advertising agencies spend so much time perfecting the visuals (I know from personal experience). A well composed and thought out photo can go beyond being just a nice image. It can have a narrative that will not only tell a story but also help make that photo more attractive to prospective buyers.

But of course, the challenge of a well art directed photo is that it still looks natural but is also a clear narrative. Imagine a country road with nothing on it. While this might be a nice photo, it doesn’t really have a clear target market. Now imagine the exact same country road but with a cyclist, hiker, or even a car. Each of those tells a different story and suddenly you have an image that has a clear message and a market for sales.

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