7 Must Know Nature Photography Tips

There are a lot of things to keep in mind when it comes to nature and wildlife photography. You will be out in the wild for a long time; from sunrise to sunset or maybe many days in a row, and it is important to stay safe. Also, it is important to bring photography tools such as the tripod and non-photography tools such as waders. We asked our community member Brandon Broderick (brandonbroderick) if he could help us and share his tips when it comes to getting that perfect nature or wildlife photo. Below you’ll find Brandon’s Tops 7 Nature Photography Tips.

Great Gray Owl by brandonbroderick

Know Your Subject

When it comes to wildlife photography, nothing is more important than knowing the subject you’re after. This could mean knowing the time of day/night a bird or animal is active, or when it will be in a certain area. It could also mean understanding behavioral traits that will help predict what the animal is about to do. Knowing your subject will really put the odds in your favor when it comes to photographing wildlife.

Jumping Coho Salmon by brandonbroderick

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