5 Top Landscape Photographers on Getting the Perfect Shot

Every job has its highs and lows. When we see incredible landscape photography we often forget about the 4 a.m. wake up calls after camping in extreme temperatures, the hikes through mountains lugging camera gear, and the frustrations of finding wifi signals in remote locations. Maybe the goal is to make it look easy – to clear out any distractions and focus on the beauty of the subject. But we can’t help but wonder, what does it take to get these incredible shots?

We asked 5 of the top landscape photographers, all members of The List, about their favorite and least favorite parts of the job. Each photographer had different things to say, but we admire their common passion to instill in every viewer an appreciation for our world and a responsibility to take care of it. Take a look.

“With my pictures, I try to bring the viewer closer to the beauty of untouched areas, to arouse interest in wild nature, and perhaps contribute to their preservation. I am concentrating on European mountain worlds, and I am always looking for impressive moods.

Despite the use of modern digital recording techniques, it is important for me to create a natural image of the landscapes and to restrict myself in the image processing. The documentary part of photography is important to me.

To capture the best light, I spend many nights in the mountains or begin my tours well before sunrise.

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