15 of the Best Places to Travel with a Broken Heart

I find that Iceland offers you the best of both worlds – if you are in need of company, go hang out with the locals or fellow travelers in Reykjavic, or if you need solitude or a big space to cry your eyeballs out, you can find plenty of wild, natural places all over Iceland. My personal favorite is camping all along the Ring Road.


Okay to be honest I was surprised that Bali made the list, but upon thinking about it and recalling my time in Bali, I totally understood why. It’s huge, it’s a great place to join a retreat and have a spiritual travel experience, and it’s beautiful.  group.

While the last thing you want to see is lovey-dovey couples hanging out at the beach bars (and well, there will be a lot of them. It’s Bali afterall!), there are tons of places in Bali that are perfect for solitude and peace of mind.

You can join yoga retreats in Ubud, surf or take or cooking classes, many of which are conducted by locals. You can see the beautiful local temples, watch the locals’ morning prayer rituals, or even lock yourself up in a gorgeous villa and read all day. The Nusa islands off of Bali are fantastic as well for swimming with Manta rays, finding cliffs with temples hidden in them, and getting beaches all to yourself.

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