13 Of The Best Places In Canada For Solo Travelers

Oh, Canada, you’re one fantastic country to travel in, especially as a solo traveler!

For those who love the outdoors, want a safe and incredibly friendly place to travel through, and who want to experience many different cultures all at once, Canada is the perfect solo destination at any time of year.

Canada is easy to navigate, has a very low crime rate, is absolutely huge, so you can’t run out of national and provincial parks or activities, and it’s breathtakingly beautiful, need we say more?

Though the whole country is worth exploring, these are a few places that my fellow travel bloggers and I think are particularly good for solo travelers in Canada:

Banff, Alberta

best places in canada for solo travelers

Alberta was my first stop ever in Canada and by the time I left, I was seriously asking myself if I should just come back and move in. Alberta is a winter wonderland with snow-shoeing tracks, nordic skiing, ice climbing, and ice fishing all nearby. It’s also home to excellent downhill skiing in Banff and Lake Louise. In the summer, it’s the perfect jumping off point for hiking trails galore.

Though everywhere in Canada has its own special beauty, this part of Alberta sure is a standout.

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