11 Smartphone Photography Tips for Landscape Photography

Thanks to the upward shift in technology, taking photos is now easy and you can do it from different devices including your smartphone. In fact, you can take professional photos using your smartphone if you understand how to go about it. There are many smartphone photography tips you could use to produce professional photos and this is what I will help you understand.

Hello there, I am Matthew David Parker and I have been working as a professional photographer for over 10 years. I am based in Las Vegas and my career has been fun mentoring young photographers and exploring new horizons. Today I am taking you through smartphone photography tips that will help you dive into professional photography without necessarily having to buy expensive cameras. Here we go!


Indeed, dirt could affect the quality of the photos you take with your smartphone. You keep your phone in the pocket most of the time and the surfaces on which you place it are not all the time clean. What this means is that it is likely to accumulate dirt particles around the lens and this will definitely blur your pictures. Before you begin taking photos, clean the lens area well. A clean lens allows light to pass freely and you can easily achieve sharp and clear landscape smartphone images.

It is these small details that people ignore that lead to major flaws in photos, so if you are looking to take high-quality photos the first step that you must adhere to is cleaning the lens of your smartphone. While cleaning, make sure the cloth you use is soft and wet to prevent scratching, which could complicate your problem further.


You probably have seen an image where its subject has red devilish eyes and yellow skin plus motion blur. Basically, a terrible result of poorly using the flash feature on the smartphone. This happens often and many upcoming photographers have to deal with the issue as they are not able to adjust angles and lighting well to prevent the production of poor quality photos. Well, if you have been into such a problem it is time you ditched the flash. Smartphones are equipped with strong LED lights that can skew color temperature of photos.

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