10 Solo Female Travelers Explain How they Saved up to Travel

Traveling the world on your own sounds fun and all, but who the heck can afford it?

With obligations like paying rent, caring for pets or children, paying off school loans, and still being able to eat, how can you afford a vacation on top of that?

Thankfully there are ways to travel for super cheap or even for free. Using my knowledge from the last six years of traveling combined with tips from women in the Facebook group, these are how solo female travelers without a lot of money have been saving up and traveling the world for cheap or even for free:

Travel hack:

how to afford solo female travel
At the Priority Pass lounge in Zurich, Switzerland

For those with good credit and especially those who live in the US, travel hacking is a way to rack up airline mileage and hotel points without spending more than you normally would. It requires responsible management of your personal finances and the ability to pay off your balance every month in full, but for those who already do that, why not get more benefits as a result?

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