10 Small Travel Hacks for 10 Big Travel Pains

Some travel problems, like extreme weather, overbooked flights, or coughing or snoring co-passengers we can’t do much but whine about, but thankfully, there are some travel nuisances we can avoid.

PROBLEM: I Don’t Want to Carry a Bulky Water Bottle So I’m Always Parched

You can wrap yourself in cashmere, slather yourself in the most luxurious facial treatments, and mist yourself with rose water while in transit but it’s all just lipstick on a pig (a dried out pig at that) if you don’t also stay hydrated. Dehydration causes headaches, dry skin, itchy eyes, and fatigue, and it amplifies feelings of jet lag once you land. Also, being in a low-humidity environment (i.e., an airplane cabin) can make you more susceptible to respiratory viruses like colds, especially if your fluid intake involves further-dehydrating caffeine and alcohol.

SOLUTION: Hydaway Bottle

Skip the bulky bottle and keep a collapsible, pocket-size Hydaway bottle in your bag and you’ll never go thirsty, wherever you are or however strict those security checks are. It packs completely flat and unfolds to a solid water bottle made from food-grade silicone.
Tip: Drink a cup of water for every hour you’re inflight to stay hydrated, and even more if you also have caffeine or alcohol.

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