10 Of The Most Beautiful, Expensive Luxury Smartwatches You Can Buy

The world of luxury smartwatches is a wild, wonderful, and expensive place.

There are some that come with a justifiable price tag – like the Emporio Armani Connected, which is “only” $395.

Others, like TAG Heuer’s white gold and diamond-encrusted timepiece, cost more than most people make in a year.

And lets not forget the original luxury smartwatch, the elusive gold Apple Watch Edition, which was mostly reserved for celebrities (unfortunately, that watch will now stop getting updates from Apple, rendering it obsolete).

These high-end watches are not intended for the masses. While they often run the same technology as many low-cost smartwatches – Google’s Wear OS – luxury watches bring something else to the table, like high-grade materials, expertise in areas like fitness tracking or navigation, or a name like Movado or Breitling.

So no, you don’t exactly need a watch that costs significantly more than a mortgage – but it’s fun to look.

Here are some of the most beautiful, expensive, and downright absurd luxury smartwatches you can buy.

Most fashionable: Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon Black, $2,900

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