10 Exciting & Creative Landscape Photography Tips

The camera is your paint brush; your voice, your pen. Use it to express yourself and your work will become unlike any other.

If you are feeling too comfortable with your craft, now is the time to shake things up and experiment with new methods. This will keep your artistic processes fresh, making it possible to create your own reality with the camera.

Slow Down the Shutter with Black Glass

You can shoot very long exposures on a bright sunny day using one simple trick: add a round, neutral density filter to your bag. Often dubbed “black glass”, these dark filters are screwed onto the front of your lens. They prevent a great deal of light from entering, with strengths from 3 to 10 stops. This opens up a whole new world of creative possibility.

For example, if the proper exposure gave you 1/125, f22, ISO 100, the water’s motion would largely be frozen. By adding a nine stop ND filter, you can keep the aperture and ISO the same, but drop the shutter speed all the way down to four seconds. This will create that dreamy effect previously limited to low light situations.

Set the Shutter to Bulb Mode

You’re likely to have scrolled right past the BULB mode, perhaps even finding it accidentally, while adjusting shutter speeds. It’s tempting to just avoid it altogether, but the question still lingers: “what does it do?”

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